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¿ Why to buy ? 

BECAUSE IS MANDATORY, There are not excuse or exceptions.

Is necessary To know the following thing:

The USA and Canada insurance company do not cover Damages and Robbery in Mexican territory. The legislation in Mexico CNSF (Comisión Nacional de Seguros y Fianzas) (Mexican Department of Insurance)  indicates that the Insurance Coverage must of being provided by a Mexican insurance Company.
The laws in Mexico are different thant the USA and Canada
Any person who drives a car and causes a damage must pay. If she does not count on insurance the car can be confiscated and the person can go to the prison
In any accident if there is blood the people can go to carcel reason why it is important to count in its insurance with cover of Legal Attendance.
If it has doubt of its cover it does not take risks and it acquires an additional insurance policy, one makes sure to him that it will not lament it.
Why to put in risk familiar vacations?


Before crossing the border You need to have an insurance policy of .

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